Majestic palace Hotel

Feeling at home with the benefits of top hospitality and hotel’s services.

Once you Step in, you will be part of the real essence of staying at Mayestic Palace, a place suspended in time, not only for the classic style of a great Neapolitan residence, but for the attention and care reserved to the Guests. It is the atmosphere inside the hotel that slows down the pace and dilates time, making every moment unique and worthy of being remembered.

A succession of environments with a strong personality, where you can find your own corner of the heart, a small refuge where you can spend your free time and relax among the many wonders that a region like Campania offers its visitors.


The Majestic Palace is a small universe that contains so many shades of possibilities, to get the most out of your new experience while on holiday.

A dinner to remember, sipping a wisely mixed drink, joining a Neapolitan cuisine cooking experience , eating the most delicious oven baked pizza, a dip in the pool or a good book to read in the living room or outdoors in the shade in the fragrant and peaceful garden, below. Dolce vita mood takes it really serious here in f Sorrento, where holiday is a collecting memories to bring back home.


A Martini on the terrace, where from the golden sunset to the moonrise, the 360 ​​° panorama will be your frame for an unforgettable evening.

For foodies enthusiasts, the unforgettable experience at the table of Don Geppi, a starred restaurant under the great host of Chef Mario Affinita. A unique environment where attention to detail is the main focus , together with a whilwind of taste and discovery.


A style made of comfort and personality.